I AM Group


To dedicate our gifts and talents for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging people, with love and compassion, to seek God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  A. Offering the talent God gave each of us to glorify Him.
  B. Evangelical outreach to the world.
  C. Ministry to one another and to those in the advertising industry.
  D. Become a support to various organizations that need resources.


  A. Inspire and encourage people to seek God and to run toward Him, not from Him.
  B. Our target is the heart.
  C. Throw a light on the truth so people can see it.
  D. Build messages around scripture to walk people through the process of salvation.
  E. To prompt a soul searching and to do so out of love and compassion.
  F. Reinforce GRACE.
  G. Focus on everyone's need to have a personal relationship with God.
  H. To get people to consider the question, "What is the meaning of life?"
  I. To produce the highest quality of work to represent Christ completely.


  A. Identify God – let Him have His place first – i.e. "Why is their order in the universe?"
  B. Define the need – a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  C. Deliver the message in a contemporary way.
  D. Consider demographics to target different areas, peoples,and lifestyles
   – uptown, downtown, suburban people.
  E. Keep the message pure with no association to man's ways.
  F. Create audio and visual parables.
  G. Develop parallels of modern life to Jesus.
  H. Help each other share the burden.


  A. Newspaper
  C. Web site
  D. Videos
  E. Print

"... I AM has sent me to you." Exodus 3:14

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