Halfpipe Pictures
I have not added pictues for quite awhile but I am still accepting them.
I took only a few pictures of the steps while building my son's halfpipe. I should have taken more pictures of the critical areas of construction, but I was not intending to provide plans until people started stopping by asking for them. If you would like plans for this halfpipe, I am providing them free. In the plans I have included hints on things I encountered while building it. CHECK THE PLANS PAGE FOR INFORMATION TO MANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS. If you don't find your answer I will be glad to answer any questions you have, send me an e-mail . Send me your pictures and I will put them on this page. Please include your first name and where you are from.
Day 1
First night assembly, last day in garage.
Day 2
Getting an idea of the size
Day 3
Putting sections together for a trial fit
Day 4
Gets moved to its permanent home.
Day 5
Just finished! It took 5 days about 4-5 hours each day for a total of 20-25 hrs by myself to build it. YOU CAN TOO!
Day 5
I built the halfpipe in the Spring of 2001 for about $450.00. You can build it cheaper if you scrounge for the materials.
Ron Anderson added tongue jacks & extra bracing on bottom edge for moving. It comes apart and uses 7/8"dowels as alignment pins to join sections. 4/30/02 Here is picture of one that came from Travis. 1/1/03 A close up of Travis' paint job. Travis, where are from? 1/1/03
Brandon living in South America sent me this photo. 1/31/03 Here is Taylor from Michigan. He is lucky enough to have his halfpipe in the garage so he can skate year around. 3/23/03 Andrew from UK. Interesting halfpipe, what happened to the middle? 4/25/03
Jason and friend from Burnham-on-Sea, UK. Just got decking on, couldn't wait! 4/25/03 Here is Jason from UK's finished halfpipe. He has already been initiated on his pipe with a very nice hip bruise. I would post the picture but it was pretty wicked. 4/29/03 Josh from Brighton, MI built this 12 foot wide beauty for his boys. 5/19/03
Another angle of Josh's halfpipe. 5/19/03 Cindy, her son and friends whipped this one out in four days. 6/21/03
Chris and Ben from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They painted all exterior surfaces using clear waterproof sealant with a few coats and built a secure cover. 7/7/03
Dave from Ipswich, England built this for his son's 11th birthday. 7/19/03. Danny O'Conner, a well known illustrator from Mass. has decided to revive his youth. Good choice of sport. 7/20/03 www.dannyoart.com (1 of 4) Raymond from Austin, MN helped his boys build their halfpipe in the loft of an old barn. They changed the 3-1/2" on the bottom to 1". Must be hard work. 7/18/03
(2 of 4) Ray cut all the 2x3 46-1/2 and put the bevel on four of them, then showed the kids how to assemble the 1st one. 7/20/03 (3 of 4) They screwed the plywood to the floor of the hayloft and eliminated the center framing whichis why they changed the 3-1/2 on the bottom to 1". 7/22/03 (4 of 4) Well it's done. 7/22/03
BJ from Anchorage, Alaska. 7/31/03 Patrick from Harrow, Ontario built this in one day and it cost under $300. Looks like it was modified to be a little shorter. 8/19/03 Steve, the dad of Mark, sent this from Cooper City, FL 8/23/03
Darren from British Columbia, Canada built this12ft wide halfpipe. Looks like its gettin' platform extensions. 10/2/03 Matthew from Farnham, UK built this for his son, Ben. It has a 1.8m (6ft) transition and galvanized steel coping. He nailed rubber-backed carpet on the underside for soundproofing. 10/7/03 He extended the framework at one end to accommodate two benches. Each made by screwing together the 'eye' shaped scrap from cutting out the transitions. 10/7/03
Alex's and his friends built this halfpipe. 10/7/03 Here is Alex doing a 5-0. 10/7/03 Phil from Buckley, WA built this for his son, Nicolas', 9th birthday. 10/22/03
The project took Phil about 20 hours. Nice Job! 10/22/03 I got this photo back on 11/8. Sorry Ben It took so long to post. 12/6/03. Davis and Lance from Stonington, Maine built in 10 hours. Nice Job Guys! 12/6/03
I know its not a halfpipe, But it is one cool snowboard ramp from Vegard in Norway. 12/6/03 Jonny & Frank Waite from Belfast, Northern Ireland built this indoor beauty. 1/1/04 Jonny & Frank's buddy Jordan Todd liked it so much he built one of his own. 1/1/04
(1 of 3) Mark, an engineer from Patuxent River, MD took my design and built a 1'=1" scale model of it without the safety rails. 1/17/04 (2 of 3) He says the idea was a proof of concept (and for fun) to later erect a real one. 1/17/04 (3 of 3) Here is Mark's model (to scale) preparation and the execution as it would be done in his backyard. Looks like it's ready for a little Tech Deck action. 1/17/04
Here is Tyler from Cassopolis, Michigan.looks Great Tyler. 1/26/04 Richard from Fontana, CA sent these pictures of his family. Nikki, Adrian, Anthony, Richard and Shawn. 2/1/04 Adrian, Anthony, Richard and Shawn all geared up skate. 2/1/04
Karl from Scarborough, UK built this for £450 in 4 days using the best material he could find. Pictured are Kane, James and Dan. 3/27/04 A new angle of Ben's halfpipe. 3/27/04   Ben, from Frederick, MD, brother Bruce, and friend Chris, whipped it together in 2 days. Took 1' out of the middle and 6" off of both ends to fit in his yard. Added 2' to make it 10' wide.
Marc 4/8/04
I accidently deleted your email. I would like to put your city and kids first names. Can you contact me?
Marc 4/8/04 Marc and buddy showing their moves. 4/8/04
Ron 5/1/04 Please contact me and let me know where your from. Kevin from Luna Pier, MI built this beauty for his son Austin Kevin spent $800 but he thinks it is worth every penny. Very nice platform addition Kevin.
Josh and his buddy, Micha built this pipe. They are from Collinsville, IL 5/17/04 Looks like Kyle from Kearney, NE is getting his halfpipe before Mom and Dad get a lawn. 5/27/04 Carlos sent this picture from Venezuela. 5/30/04
Chuck helped his friend Tom build a halfpipe for Toms son, TJ. 5/30/04 It only took them two days to build it. TJ took no time to get wild on his new pipe. 5/30/04 Zsolt from Hungary's finished halfpipe "My major help has been my dearest angel girlfriend who really enjoyed helping me. I deeply appreciate her attitude." 5/30/04
Sean, Jim and Ryan from Pleasant Hill, CA relaxing on their new ramp. 6/1/04 Jim has a nice website showing step-by-step photos on his project. Check out the results. 6/1/04
Adam and Tory from Maui, Hawaii, added 2 feet to the middle and a layer of masonite. 6/10/04
Stephan from Motala, near Lake Vättern in Sweden built this for his kids. Thomas is doing his moves. 6/11/04 Here are lucky Hanna, Martin and Thomas from Motala. 6/11/04 The halfpipe of Randy from Pittsburgh, PA 7/6/04
Stephen from Ireland. 7/6/04 Jack and his dad, Alan, from Seattle, WA covered theirs with Skatelite seconds from the factory in Tacoma. LUCKS! 7/6/04 Alex and his friends built this for his brother Casey's 12th b-day. 7/6/04
Casey trying out his 16x32 birthday present. What a GREAT gift, Alex. 7/6/04 Angus and Alex from British Columbia, Canada built their pipe with both transitions. 7/14/04 Hunter and cousin, Tom from Palm Harbor, FL built this in four days. Nice view from the pool. 7/25/04
Bobby Yancy from Sulphur Springs, TX built this for his son, Jesse. 8/9/04 Happy 10th Birthday Jesse. 8/9/04 (1 of 4) Zbigniew Grzemski built this for his son Stefan's birthday. 8/10/04
(2 of 4) Stefan proves you can get decent air. 8/10/04 (3 of 4) Szymon, Stefan and Igor. Check out their very cool ramp stickers. 8/10/04 (4 of 4) They are all from Mlawa, a small town near Warsaw, Poland. 8/10/04
John and his dad from New Jersey built theirs in 3 days. 8/10/04 More big air. 8/10/04 Piers and his brother from Longhope, Gloucestershire, England, hope to add more width to their halfpipe. 8-26-04
(1 of 3) Daren from Moody, AL built this in 5 days. 8-26-04 (2 of 3) Daren's son's, Matt, Brad and Andy love it! So does every other kid in the neighborhood. 8-26-04 (3 of 3) This shows how you can lift it or add your own platform extension. 8-26-04
Roy from Scotland built this in his garage for his 12yr old. It has a 5'10" radius and 4' middle. He says its a little tight and fast but still ok. 8-29-04 Michael from Mayfield, NY says this is the first thing he has tried to build in his adult life. Well Michael, you are a natural. 9-5-04 Michael's step-son Josh.
Nick built this for his friend's 5 yr old son. Nice Guy! Apparently it is too much for Nick though :-) 9-5-04 CKYstuntman from Mississisppi. 9-26-04 Chris from Longhope, Goucestershire, England has built another. 9-29-04
Chris says the spine is steep but it skates really well. This one looks FUN. 9-29-04 From Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, Devin performs his FIRST drop-in on his new halfpipe. 10-8-04 Devin with all his friends at his celebration party. 10-8-04
David is from a town south of Tampa. It took awhile because of a few hurricanes. Sons Jarrett and Cody think he did great. 10-4-04 Here is a closeup of how David extended the height and platform. 10-4-04 Jason a.k.a Dj HyperJ from Tennessee built his by himself in 20 days. It is 12 x 24 x 4 feet. He thinks it's worth it.
Austin and friends from North Kingstown, RI built this 27x12x4 ft in 4 days using my plans and a DVD from easyhalfpipe.com. They used 1/4 inch plywood under 1/4 inch masonite. 12-12-04
Chase from Mississippi built this side addition to his pipe in four hours. 12/31/04 
Chase plans on adding another wing when he has more money. 12/3/04 
Archie sent these photos. Great collection of decks. 1/11/05
Archie and family are from what I think is the greatest name for a town, Wollongong, Australia. Check out the skatelite surface. 1/11/05
Jack and his dog, Molly are enjoying their halfpipe Dad made. Jack is from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 1/20/05
Richard Adams buit this for his son. 2/17/05
Chase added the final wing to his pipe. Do you still call it a halfpipe? Nice job!! 2/18/05
Steve P. from
Pasadena, Texas 3/7/05
Chris and Josh from West Palm Beach, FL built their 12' wide pipe for about $800-$850. 5/10/05 Chris gettin a little air. With friends help they finished it in 15-20 hours. 5/10/05 Clint and his grampa built theirs together. They come from Latrobe, PA. 5/10/05
Cody's 11th Birthday present built by his dad Chris from Michigan. Nice present!! 5/10/05 Dan hopes to cover his with skatelite this summer. 5/10/05 Dave from Tampa has added a cross ramp and lights. Looks like a little skate park. 5/10/05
Jake from Sheddon, Ontario, Canada. Looks a little different from my plans. It might give you some ideas. 5/10/05 Mark from Mobile, Al took four weeks cause of bad weather. Got it done though. 5/10/05 Mitchell from New Zealand. Nice job. 5/10/05
Willie from Melrose, Wisc. and his halfpipe. Hoping to get a better picture. 5/10/05 Josh, 17, is from Rushsylvania, OH. He designed this 3' halfpipe for his Church's Youth Center. 5/11/05 Here is Clint's red and black pipe. He comes form Latrobe, PA 5/16/05
Tom and his sons, Alex & Jacob are from Curve Lake, Ontario 5/18/05 Natalie's dad and a friend built this one 12ft wide. They are from Canada. 5/26/05 Levi is from Sydney, Australia. 5/29/05
Sam from the UK has an interesting halfpipe. I hope no one has gone through the window. 5/30/05 Nicholas and Nathaniel' s Dad built this with strorage compartments on each end. Notice the chain lock. They are from Long Island , NY 5/31/05 Taylor's dad John added halogen lights on the barn for 24/7 skating. 6/13/05
John from Ventura, CA added alittle height to his pipe. Masonite on top of 3/8 plywood. 6/15/05 Marc hails from Belgium. 7/1/05 Tim from Tracy, CA built this for his sons Christian and Cameron. 7/3/05
Willie From Melrose 7/7/05 Paul from Brookings, SD has lots of room and a view. 7/22/05 Jeff from I don't know where took two feet oout of the middle. 8/4/05
Gijs and Arnoud from the Netherlands spent NO money on theirs. They used all recylced wood. Very resourceful. 8/20/05 Trev from UK in the process of finishing up his 12ft wide halfpipe. 8/31/05 Chris used my plans to builld the frame but decided to fill it with dirt and cover it with 4 inches of cement. Nice Paint Job. 9/23/05
Derrick built this for son Micah, 9 who apparently already is a fanatic. From Crawfordville, FL 12/3/05 The Halls boyz hail from Phoenix, AZ built theirs in 11 hours. 12/8/05 Nice job Alex from Deerfield Beach, FL 12/24/05
Kid Ray from The Woodlands, TX. Check out how he has it up on blocks for good ventilation. 1/9/06 Theron and his carpenter friend made this beauty. 1/11/6 Chriddl from Garlstorf, Germany built this for his daughter and son. www.rampplans.de 1/18/06
What a piipe! Looks like it might be 16 feet wide. Half is 6 feet high and half is 3 feet high. Jared is from Dothan, AL 1/24/06 Mark and his son from Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada call it their "Pride and Joy" 2/9/06 Nathan doing an axel stall on his halfipe that he and his dad built.They are Essex, England 3/2/06
Ryan and his friends from Dallas, TX built his pipe. Sounds like all his friends want one know. 3/3/06 Rod from Oxford, NC added 10 inches one side and 5 on the other. 3/19/06 Mike's 13th Bday present was this father/son project. 3/24/06
Eric From Pheonix 4/1/06 Taleb from Riverside, CA built his in 2 days. He topped t of with masonite. 4/2/06 "it skates fine. heeeck yes." declares Taleb. 4/26/06
Ben is from West Hartford, CT, USA. He and his dad built 2.5ft high, 2ft decks with a 4 ft middle section to fit in the basement. 4/2/06 John, from High Point NC built the 4' and later lowered one siide to 3' Loves it! 3/28/06
Karl from Hertfordshire in England. 4/10/06
Greg from Hulaco, Alabama took 16 hours to build his 6 foot high pipe. 3/28/06 Brian from Tyler, Texas sent this picture. You can see he is getting by with a shorter middle. 4/28/06 Al built this for his grandsons. It cost him $800. Looks Good Al! 5/1/06
Here is an updated photo from 9/29/04. Chris hails from UK. 5/22/06 Paul and Ryne from Indiana sent this picture. It proves my plan works for bmx. They did 3-2x4 where the bikes drop down and 2-2x4s in two places for strength. 6/5/06 CJ from Georgetown, IN and his dad built this a couple years ago and recently added to it for a 13 ft middle. Skates awesome! 6/12/06
Andy from Perth, Ontario, Canada built his during the summer on University break. $600 Canadian bucks. Nice color. 6/13/06 Paul from Winchester, Kentucky sent me a link to his website where I got this photo. 6/15/06.
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada is where dad, Trevor, and Stephan, Joelie and Jacob live. 6ft high on one end and 5ft high on the other makes for good speed. 6/15/06
Ed another Canadian is from Burlington, Ontario. 6/20/06 Douglas from Florida made his halfpipe hurricane proof by anchoring it in concrete in 8 places and painted it with marine (spar) varnish. 6/25/06 Not enough space? How about a nice 4 foot wide quarter pipe on wheels like Philippe made for his Sébastien and Cloé. 6/26/06
1 of 3 Steven and his dad, Eric, built this baby. He made it an extra foot wider than my plans 7/8/06 2 of 3 Eric built a frame out of 4x6 treated lumber and pier blocks because of uneven ground. 7/8/06 3 of 3 Here is Eric and his posse mugging it up for the camera. 7/8/06
1 of 3 Joseph skating on his 12 foot wide pipe with masonite surface with 4 coats of spar urethane varnish. 7/29/06 2 of 3 Another view of the 5 foot high halfpipe. Mom Sherry and gang live in Taylor, Michigan. 7/29/06 3 of 3 Here we have Joseph and Ronnie flanking Pro skater Garold Vallie who stopped by to break it in. 7/29/06
TJ from Bert and Ernies Skateshop in Mason City, Iowa built this for inside their store. Check them out at iaskateshop.com 8/9/06 Hmm! Tennis lessons or Halfpipe. I guess we know what Paul's son chose for getting on the honor roll. 12 feet wide and, man, that's high. 8/21/06 The Hadchity's Halfpipe. They are from Barbados in the Carribean. 8/26/06
Dempsey from Australia, New South Wales, Emerald Beach used a lot of recyled materials and a little new to build this 6 foot wide pipe. 8/30/06 Here is Marks completed halfpipe. I am guessing he is from California. 9/8/06 Jon from Lancashire, England. UK 9/30/06
This is Caleb's 1/2  pipe with dad's help. Webb City, Missouri. You can see it from 43 Hyw just south of 96. 10/6/06 Steven from I have no idea. Looks to be 12 feet wide. 10/13/6 Welcome to Derek's World! Derek and dad Scott are from New Bern, North Carolina. 10/18/06
Daniel from Tuscaloosa, Alabama made this beauty for his 6 yr old and his friends. Just a little weekend project. Very nice! 11/3/06 1 of 2 Jim, dad of four, built this halfpipe. It's 12 feet wide and has a 5'10" radius. 11/3/06 2 of 2 They used one layer of 1/2" ply and one layer of 1/4" finished birch ply. We then sealed the whole thing with helmsman. 11/3/06
1 of 2 Ben has a little skateboard company, madcowskateboards.com so, of course, you need a halfpipe. 11/3/06 2 of 2 Here is Ben's son, Nick Apparently he is glued to the pipe because dad can't get him off. 11/3/06 Pleasanton, CA gives us this halfpipe built by Sean and his friends. 11/10/06
1 of 2 Leon and two mates built this "halfy" for AU$500. 11/10/06 2 of 2 They used plywood seconds from the manufacturer and recycled battons (studs). 11/10/06 Greg Strong
Hulaco Alabama
6'-0" tall approx 16 hours 3/28/06
Shaun in Northen California used partsof the plan to design his pipe. Nice job. 11/27/06 Robin's 3 boys got a halfpipe for Christmas. They built it in sections without the boys knowing what going on. Sweet! 1/21/07 (1 of 2) Kevin built his pipe but had to remove it for a pool. Priorities Man. It relives at a nephews house.
(2 of 2) Here is Kevin reliving his youth and gang are from Highland, CA 1/22/07 (1 of 2) Cain representing Mobile, Alabama built this beauty in his garage. 2/22/07 (2 of 2) Nice extension Cain. 2/22/07
Thomas and Megan from Sunrise, Florida 2/25/07 Joanie and Troy from the gulf coast in Florida built this for their son Brandon. 2/26/07 Kyle 3/14/07
John and buddy built this 12 ft wide 2 1/2 ft tall pipe in his San Francisco, CA home. 3/26/07 Dylan from Minnesota. 4/2/07 Tyler sent me apicture of his friends halfpipe in Eliot, Maine 4/8/07
Bob from Pleasant Hill has heard the word PERFECT from some accomplished skaters. Nice to hear for me. 4/15/07 Ruskin, FL brings us bunch. Kyle, Tim, Derek and Terri. 5/19/07 A birthday present for Kyle. 5/19/07
A bunch of guys from Stellenbosch in South Africa. Only one broken leg. :) Check out their youtube video Thanks Nicol. 5/15/07 Jake's dad, Dan, built this in four days while his neighbors watched. Chicago, IL 6/1 07 Jordan and his friend from Baldwin, WI built this over three weekends. 6/17/07
Jeremy enlisted the help from his dad to build his. 7/1/07 Matt, the dad of three girls built this halfpipe complete with a roll-in deck. 7/10/07 Hunter from Athens. GA 7/16/07
Billy and friends of the Club 180 Ministry from Cumberland, KY built their halfpipe 8 feet wide, then added 4 feet the next day. 7/18/07 (1 of 2) Kevin is from Ottawa, Canada built his back in Spring 06, Spring 07 brought some changes. 7/28/07 See next photo. (2 of 2) Now 28' by 12' by 7' it not only is an unbelieveably cool halfpipe. It also doubles as a great concert stage. Yes, it is Kevin's old pipe on steroids. 7/28/07
Craig from Santa Monica, CA got half the wood from craigslist to cut down on cost. He had to reduce center to 6 feet. 7/29/07 (1 of 2) Nice halfpipe Dave built for his son, Mackenzie's birthday. It sounds like it was a present for his whole North Tustin, CA neighborhood. 8/25/07 (2 of 2) What a guy! Fred built this for the kids in his town, He enlisted the help of Garnett-KS and AstroTruckCovers. The city of Garnett, KS provided space. 8/25/07
Cameron and Erik from Pleasanton, CA.9/2/07 Jim, hmm, all I know is, you are a dad. 9/3/07 Jake form West Penn, PA built his in 2 days. Not bad. 9/3/07
Steven from California, Note what he used to lift it off the ground. 9/19/07 Damo from Australia NSW Korora says Cheers11/6/07 Not to be disuaded by local zoning laws Mike put this awesom e24 x 12 x 6 1/2 pipe in his basement. Golden, CO 11/12/07
Gainesville, FL brings us Eric and son. Eric added some depth to the platform. Dean hails from Sydney, Australia and built his with dad Athol and friend Ryan. 1/15/08 Dallas sent thes pix of his pipe.He wrote all the skate companies and received over 250 stickers to decorate it. Love the dead body tape. 1/24/08
Jonathon's lucky five year old got this beauty. Raleigh, NC 3/24/08 David from Estern Shore, Maryland built his with his grandad, neighbor and uncle. 3/25/08 The Smith family from Scoth Plains, NJ 4/6/08
Dean from Sydney, Australia admits his pipe is a little steep but he loves it. His dislocated shoulder does not. 4/13/08 Leo built this for his boys Alex and James 4/13/08 Craig from Wyoming went around town to construction sites and asked for old wood. He built it in three days. 5/11/08
(1 of 2) It was less than 5 minutes after Chris put in the screws for the last sheet of plywood, he had a group of boys eager to try it out. 5/27/08 (2 of 2) Chris who is from Oklahoma City, OK couldn't resist letting th kids try it out even though it wasn't done yet. 5/27/08 Built in 2006, Leon just moved it to his new home in Brisbane, Australia. The kids in his new neighbourhood are so stoked. 5/23/08
Kyle's from 3/14/07 halfpipe painted up all nice. Kyle, I deleted your email. Where are you from? 5/24/08 (1 of 2) Jim and a friend built this most excellent pipe in 10 hours. His buddy Shane did the paint job. 5/31/08 (2 of 2) Jim who is from North Highlands, California built his halfpipe for 3 Schillings. :) 5/31/08
(1 of 3) Nate son of Brent is kind enough to show us how to bend that panel for the curved end. Nice Job. 5/25/08 (2 of 3) Nathan and family come from Guelph, Ontario, Canada 5/25/08 (3 of 3) Joel is showing the full armor of the skater. Looks more like a long board on him. 5/25/08
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